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Jayapura - Rio de Jeneiro of Indonesia

Jayapura city view from Base G
Working in the remote area give me more time and opportunity to explore more interesting places. And this time, I want to use my 1 week off day plus 1 day annual leave to travel around Papua (Jayapura and Raja Ampat). My company provide me a free ticket from Sorong to Jakarta once in 2 weeks. Usually my routes is from Sorong to Jakarta via Makassar. But this time, I want to try new route. With the same prices, my company allowed me to reroute my flight from Sorong to Jakarta via Jayapura. This time I'm going to tell you about Jayapura, next post I'm going to tell you about Raja Ampat.

Before I tell you more about my trip to Jayapura, let me give you a short explanation about this beuatiful city that I summarized from many sources. Jayapura is the provincial capital of Papua, Indonesia. It is situated on the island of New Guinea. It is situated on Yos Sudarso Bay (formerly known as Humboldt Bay). Jayapura is the largest city, boasting a small but active tourism industry; it is built on a slope overlooking the bay. Its approximate population in 2012 was 273.928, about 60% of its population are Christians.  From 1910 to 1962, the city was known as Hollandia and was the capital of a district of the same name in the northeast of West New Guinea. It was briefly called Kota Baru and Sukarnapura before assuming its present name in 1968. The literal meaning of Jayapura, as of Jaipur in Rajasthan, India, is 'City of Victory', Sanskrit jaya: "victory"; pura: "city"). The reason for that name is that Suharto wanted to mention his victories while fighting Operation Trikora against the Netherlands. The last battle was fought in Jayapura during 14 August 1962 till 15 August 1962. Nowadays the Humbold bay native called the city as "Port Numbay". Jayapura is the home of the Persipura, a professional football club that has produced many famous Papuan-Indonesian footballers.

Jayapura downton view from Jayapura city
Ok, that's enough! And now let me give you some best sights in Jayapura.

Pantai Base G

Base G Beach is nearly 3km long, sandy, clean and lined with wooden picnic platforms. The best beach easily accessible from Jayapura, it is usually near empty, except on Sunday when locals come in droves for a bathe and a walk. Beware the many rocks in the water. Base G was the American forces' administrative HQ in 1944. Frequent ‘Base G’ taksi (2000Rp) start from Jl Sam Ratulangi for the 5km trip; the beach is a 10-minute walk downhill from the last stop.

Tugu MacArthur

For breathtaking views of Danau Sentani, head up to the MacArthur Monument on Gunung Ifar. This was where General Douglas MacArthur set up his headquarters after his US forces took Jayapura (then called Hollandia) in April 1944. Today the site is occupied by a small monument and a room with displays on the American and Japanese participation in the fighting. The 6km road up to the monument starts 700m east of Jl Airport in Sentani. Charter a taksi , or take an ojek (40,000Rp round trip) from the bottom of the access road. Halfway up, you must show your surat jalan or passport at a military checkpoint.

Museum Loka Budaya

Cenderawasih University’s cultural museum contains a fascinating range of Papuan artefacts between 80 and 300 years old, including the best collection of Asmat carvings and ‘devil-dance’ costumes outside Agats, plus fine crafts from several other areas, historical photos and musical instruments. With luck you’ll be guided round by an English-speaking staff member and learn a lot about Papuan culture. The museum is next to the large Auditorium Universitas Cenderawasih on the main road in Abepura.

Jayapura, Rio de Jeneiro of Indonesia

Jayapura City

Because I didn't have enough time to explore Jayapura (include 3 tourism objects above), so I ask the driver to ride me to the Jayapura city, this is the best spot the see Jayapura from high. If you want to take some photos, you better come in the morning, but if you want to see Jayapura in th night, you better come in the evening. Jayapura city is located in Polimak 1, Jayapura. Formerly, Jayapura city known for national TV transmitter tower, TVRI,  and closed for public. But, in recent days, because more people come often then TVRI allowed people to enter this peak point. You can take angkot (public transportation) and stop in the front of Public Junior High School. You may take “ojek” and in 10 minutes, you will arrive at Jayapura city. Hmm, you better see some of my pictures because a picture means a thousand words. Hehehe...

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